Tropical Pepper Pepper Sauce, Xxxtra Hot Habanero, Wow! 5 Oz

Use On: Chicken wings; Burgers; Tacos; Barbecue; Ribs. Secrets of the Sauce: So you like it hot, do you? Well, grab onto your seat, because this is the hottest and best tasting pepper sauce your tastebuds will every burn for. Our habanero peppers are real scorchers, and we blended in just the right amounts of cane sugar, pineapple and vinegar. The result? A sauce that's screamingly hot. Use at your own risk! Try some of our other Tropical Pepper Co. products for an out of the ordinary flavor experience! Add Fire To: Soups; Gravies; Rice & beans; Casseroles; Stews. 1-800-545-1749 Ext 800. Product of Costa Rica.

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