Ingles Curbside is our online grocery service for ordering the Ingles products you love and picking that up at your favorite Ingles store.

  • Click the Order in Progress link located next to the shopping basket on the upper right-hand side of the site

  • Scroll down the page past the store and pick-up information until you start to see the items from your order.  Click the Add to Order link.

  • Enter the item you wish to search in the search bar.

  • Once finished click the X at the upper right to return to your order.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and resubmit payment, clicking Update Order to complete check-out.

Start by selecting your Ingles pickup location. You can do this by selecting the My Store link under the Ingles logo and selecting your store or by entering in your zip code. Once your store is selected you can begin shopping. You can start shopping by selecting the weekly ad or using the search bar to add items to your cart. When you are ready to check out, click the shopping basket in the upper right hand corner. From there, you can select a one hour window to pick up your groceries.

Ingles Curbside requires a minimum of 3 hours before you can pick up your order.  This may be extended based on the availability of time slots or specialty products that need additional time to prepare.

Pick up windows are one hour long.

If you are unable to arrive in time to pick up your order within the 1 hour window that was selected, please call that location as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it and let them know what time you will arrive.  Typical Ingles Curbside hours are from 9 am - 8 pm.  Please check with your local Ingles for details.

  • If you have an emergency and cannot pick up your groceries, please contact the location as soon as you can to find a time that you are able to pick up your groceries.

If you are unable to reach the store due to inclement weather, please let us know if you will be delayed. Furthermore, we will have your personal shopper contact you in the event that your order will be delayed due to weather or power outages.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, and pre-paid credit cards. We do not accept EBT or gift cards as a form of online payment at this time.

Orders can be placed up to 7 days in advance.

The fee for Ingles Curbside is $4.95.

Yes.  Make sure the person is of age and has a valid ID if an age-restricted item has been purchased.

You can purchase alcohol from Ingles Curbside in select locations, just remember to bring a valid ID.  Tobacco and lottery cannot be purchased through Ingles Curbside, however, you can buy them in-store at the time of pick up.

For produce, deli, seafood and meat items that are priced by the pound, your shopper will select the items that most closely match the weight you wish to purchase. You will be billed only for the actual amount of product selected. Consequently, the total dollar amount of your order may vary slightly from the amount at checkout.

You can make changes to your order up until the point that your order is being shopped.

At this time you cannot pick up your prescriptions through Ingles Curbside.

Items for return can be returned for a full refund at the service counter.

Ingles Curbside does not accept paper coupons.

Your products will be kept in different temperature zones to ensure maximum freshness, including frozen items will stay in the freezer and cold items in refrigeration.

The provisional hold is from your banking institution for the amount of $5 or 10%, whichever is higher.  It helps to account for final sales tax, substitutions and variation in items sold by weight.

You may choose to allow “best comparable” substitutions or not allow substitutions on individual items or all items in your order. If an item is unavailable and you selected “best comparable substitution,” your personal shopper will substitute this item with the next closest item in brand, size and price.  Ingles Curbside will match weekly ad retail if a weekly ad item is substituted for a more expensive item.  All other substituted items will be sold at their current retail prices. If a substitute is given that a customer does not like, they can exchange that item for a full refund or a different product at the time of pick up.

Orders can be canceled online up until the point the order has been shopped.  Once an order has been shopped, an order cannot be canceled.

You can change your pick up time up until the point that your order has started being shopped.  Once an order has been shopped, an order cannot be cancelled.

We try to match our in-store selection as closely as possible and are working on adding products all the time. There are some items that are not available at Ingles Curbside such as tobacco and lottery.

Yes, the same low prices are available at Ingles Curbside.

Our weekly ad runs Wednesday to the following Tuesday each week.  If you build your order and pick it up within that weekly ad timeframe you will receive those ad prices. If you submit an order during one ad week and pick it up during another ad week, some prices may shift due to the new ad that will feature different prices.  Sale items are for Ingles Advantage Card members.  At checkout you can enter your card number or apply for a card to receive these prices.

All of our personal shoppers must be certified in produce selection to ensure you receive the freshest produce we offer.

Our personal shoppers are certified in produce and product selection to ensure you receive the freshest produce we offer.

While we appreciate the gesture, our personal shoppers do not accept tips.

When creating an online account be sure to enter your Ingles Advantage Card number.  In future logins that number will be saved with your account.  If you are a new Ingles customer and do not have an Ingles Advantage Card, you can apply for a card and receive Ingles cardmember savings.  You can access The Ingles Advantage Card FAQ here.

Ingles Tools for Schools – Help your local school get FREE School Equipment with Tools for Schools! When you make purchases using the Ingles Advantage Card, Ingles will give back to the school a portion of those sales. The portion can be used by the school to purchase computers and school supplies. Get more information on how to sign up here.

Card numbers can be changed or edited in the My Account Page. You can access the page here: To edit your Advantage Card number, be sure to enter all 12 digits of your card number located on the back of your card/key tag. If you would like to link multiple cards together, please contact Ingles Customer service through our Customer Comment page or call us at 1-866-226-7168.

We hope that weather will never prevent you from picking up your groceries in a timely manner. Please let us know if you will be delayed in picking up your order. In the event that your order will be delayed due to weather or a power outage, your personal shopper will contact you.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy protection is very important to us. Purchase information collected by using The Ingles Advantage Card is to assure that you save at Ingles! Ingles will not disclose or release your personal identifiable information to any list, service, or manufacturer, except when compelled by law.