Pro Plan FOCUS Cat Food, Fish, Wet, Adult

Tend to your indoor cat's specific nutritional needs with Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Indoor Care Salmon & Rice Entree in Sauce adult wet cat food. This recipe features real salmon and rice, and every high-quality ingredient we use is selected carefully for a specific purpose. Essential nutrients help to support your cat's healthy immune system, and we formulate this wet cat food to control the formation of hairballs and help her maintain a healthy weight. The tender texture and delicious taste enriches her mealtime experience, and the delicate sauce adds moisture to every bite. Give your faithful feline the nutrition she needs and the flavors she craves to let her natural potential shine through with this Purina Pro Plan FOCUS canned cat food formula as part of her daily feeding routine, and rest easy knowing she's getting a meal backed by a brand you can trust.

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