Eco Soul Straws, Compostable, 100% Plant Based 100 Ea

Bendable. 180 days back to nature. Tree free. Made from Plants. Made for all. These straws bring brighter days. Really. They're tree-free, bendable, commendable straws to help you enjoy every refill without adding to any landfill. Sweet, huh? At EcoSoul, we harness Earth's most renewable resources to reinvent everyday goods, so that caring for the Earth can be a lifestyle that everyone can easily enjoy. Resale by authorized sellers only. Our Life Cycle: Born from plants. Crafted into straws. Used by you. Composted. Breaks down. Enriches soil. Grows new plants. 0% Landfill. Certified compostable. BPI: Compostable: Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area.

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