Clorox Double Impact Clog Destroyer, Pro-Strength, 23 Inch Snake + Gel System

Guaranteed (Based on full hair clogs in lab tests) to clear clogs. The first time. Money back guarantee! Safe for all pipes! Plastic; metal; septic; systems; older pipes! Product Guide: Double Impact: fully clogged drains; slow drains; clog prevention; hair clogs; 70% more actives; 23 inches Snake + Gel System. Grab the Gold Bottle: 3x action; unclogs; protects; prevents (with regular monthly use). Destroys the toughest clogs. Safe for All Pipes! Garbage disposal; plastic; metal septic systems; older pipes! For more product ingredient information, visit For questions or comments visit or call (800) 227-1860. Made in the USA of global components.

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