Zum Bar Soap, Goat's Milk, Zum Bundle 9 Oz

Behold the Zum Bundle! Savior of the indecisive, ally of the combination lover and the perfect lil' zumthin' for the Zum newbie in your life. Our Zum Bundle gives you a smorgasbord of smell so you can really have it all. It's an amazing Technicolor dream goat! Equivalent to three Zum Bars. Frankincense products contain a small amount of phthalate-free fragrance oil. Essential Oils: The only scents that make sense are natural ones. That's why we use essential oils in all of our soaps. Zum Bars take the therapeutic elements of essential oils beyond the shower so you can feel as good as you smell. Why goat's milk? Because our milky way is the silkiest way. Soothing, soft, and oh so gentle, goat's milk boasts a pH so naturally close to your skin that it works well with the most sensitive bods. www.indigowild.com. indigowild.com/zumbarsoap/scent-guide.html Wondering what Zum Bars are in your Zum Bundle? Visit: indigowild.com/zumbarsoap/scent-guide.html.

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