McCormick Ground Mace, 0.9 oz

The same evergreen tree produces both mace and nutmeg – mace is the aromatic golden-brown spice from the dried aril, the lacy covering of the nutmeg kernel. McCormick Ground Mace brings fragrant, nutmeg-like aromas and warm taste to desserts, stews and more. We carefully select our mace for subtle, spicy-sweet flavor. Ground mace adds citrusy sweetness to baked goods and desserts, particularly pound cakes, fruit pies and donuts. It works especially well when a more delicate version of nutmeg’s spicy flavor and a lighter color is desirable, like in custards, cream sauces, mashed potatoes, fish and poultry. Meaty braises, roasted vegetables and stuffing all benefit from a pinch or two of mace. Use mace as a one-to-one substitution for nutmeg.

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