Bewley's Dublin Morning Tea - 80 CT

A traditional morning tea with a strong and refreshing flavour. Bewley's tea has been an Irish tradition for generations. Master blenders since 1840, we select only the finest teas from around the world. Our traditions and commitment to excellence have stood the test of time, something we are very proud of - Patrick Bewley. Premium teabags. A blend of the finest Rwandan, Assam Indian and West of Rift Kenyan teas. Certified carbon neutral company. CO2 emissions reduced to net zero in accordance with The CarbonNeutral protocol. Nothing beats a cup of Bewley's Dublin morning tea. We've been famously blending the finest quality teas since 1840 and we're just as proud of our teas now as we were back then. Bewley's was the first company to import tea directly to Ireland when Samuel Bewley and his son Charles shipped 2,099 chests from the tea gardens of China. A daring venture that helped create a nation of Irish tea drinkers! Since then, our tea has been enjoyed everywhere, from our famous cafe on Grafton Street in Dublin to homes all across Ireland. So why not put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of real Irish hospitality. Blended in Ireland.

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