Starbucks Medium Roast Whole Bean Pike Place Roast Coffee 12 Oz

Brew Great Coffee with the Four Fundamentals: Proportion: 2 Tbsp (10 g) coffee per 6 fl oz (180 ml) water. Grind: Match to your brewing method. Press, flat filter, cone filter, espresso. Water: Fresh and filtered. The Story of Pike Place Roast. Named for our first store in Seattle's Pike Place Market, this coffee is served fresh every day in Starbucks cafes around the world. A smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American beans with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and praline, it's the perfect brewed coffee-a consistently delicious cup you can really look forward to. Enjoy the spirit of Pike Place in every sip. The Starbucks Roast: Each coffee requires a slightly different roast to reach its peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. We classify our coffees in three roast profiles- Starbucks Blonde Roast, Medium and Dark-so finding your favorite is easy. Committed to 100% Ethical Coffee Sourcing in partnership with Conservation International. Learn more about Starbucks sustainable and ethical sourcing practices Starbucks Rewards: Join today:

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