Xtreme Wellness High Fiber 10" 6 Count

17 g of dietary fiber. 80 calories per serving. 7 g net carbs per serving (Calculating the effective Carb count per tortilla. 24 g total carbs - 17 g dietary fiber = 7 g net carbs per serving). No sugar added. No hydrogenated oils. High fiber. Low GL: Helps reduce blood sugar spikes. 100% whole wheat & flax seed. Excellent taste premium. A better choice for your health. Aluminum free. olemex.com. Connect with us Facebook; YouTube; Instagram. Product questions or comments? Email: consumercare(at)olemexicanfodos.net. All other inquiries, please contact our corporate office at: (770) 582-9200. Weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET. Since you enjoyed our Wrap, you may like these too - Tomato Basil; Whole Wheat. Dispose of properly. Made in USA

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