Hw Downtown Playset Asst

Ages 4-8. x1. Save Hot Wheels City! Will you get to the fire first? Colors and decorations may vary. Growing up with Hot Wheels! City: ages 3-80. Action: ages 4-10. Track Builder System: ages 6-12. Parents: Check it! Playing with this set may cause an increase in imaginative play, creative problem solving and sharpened motor skills. Side Effects Include: Less screen time, increase in sharing and high-fives all around! Sparks motor skills. Fuels imagination. Contents: 1 play set, 1 vehicle. Consumer Information: Need Assistance? Visit service.mattel.com or call 1-800-524-8697 (US and Canada only). service.mattel.com. hotwheels.com. Made in China. Vehicle made in China, Malaysia or Thailand as marked.

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