Gain Fireworks Laundry Scent Booster Beads, Spring Daydream, 24 Fl Oz, He Compatible 24 Fl Oz

Do you smell that? A touch of spring just sprung! Imbued with a dreamy freshness that lasts and lasts, Gain Spring Daydream Fireworks in-wash scent beads evoke memories of crisp spring morning strolls through grandfather's orchard, with the scent of dewy flowers and blooming apple trees permeating the air. Delicately crisp and fresh, Gain Spring Daydream Fireworks in-wash scent beads give your laundry long-lasting and nose-pleasing freshness for up to 12 weeks!* For a truly ahhhhmazing scent experience, simply pour some scent beads into the drum of your washing machine before adding your laundry and detergent to get a scent that lasts longer than using the leading detergent alone. You won't believe it until you sniff it! *From wash until wear

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