Sweet Earth Pad Thai 9 Oz

With rice noodles. Better for the earth packaging. Learn why. The earth's best ingredients. Our Pad Thai is crafted with diverse, quality ingredients including: rice noodles, crispy tofu, carrots, mushrooms, cashew paste. Mindfully-made, flavor-forward, and deliciously plant-based. Sweet Earth was founded in California with a strong conviction: to create craveworthy food from and for the best of the Earth. This means mindfully-made, delicious vegan and vegetarian product that each have a unique story to tell all, celebrating bold flavors and diverse ingredients. With each mouthwatering bite, we're setting the expectation for how exceptional plant-based should taste. Tangy & Savory: Enjoy the vibrant flavors of our Pad Thai bowl made with cabbage, red peppers, carrots, and peas. These colorful veggies are topped with a delicious vegan sauce of tamarind, lime, soy sauce, lemongrass, ginger, cashew paste and mushroom broth. Not only is this dish rich in flavor, it's also rich in vitamin C. Truly the best of the Earth! We've changed to a new bowl shape, which delivers the same amount of food while reducing the amount of space our package takes up! This allows us to deliver 25% more food with each delivery truck and saves 250,000 lbs of cardboard from our shipping cases per year! That's the equivalent of 2,300 trees! At Sweet Earth, our goal is to create craveworthy food with less impact on the Earth, and this package change is part of our ongoing journey.

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