Breyers Smores

Inspired by your favorite desserts, Breyers® now offers a range of frozen treats, each packed with three indulgent layers filled with delicious inclusions. You’ll get a full dessert in one flavorful scoop in this frozen treat. Remember those summer nights sitting around the campfire with your family? The crackle of the fire, blowing out the fiery marshmallow after you held it in the heat just a little too long. With the New Breyers S'mores Layered Frozen Dairy Dessert, we tried to bottle up that fun gooey goodness so that you could relive those moments in every spoonful. Back in 1866, when William Breyer started his small ice cream operation in Philadelphia with the promise that his ice cream was made with the finest ingredients he probably could not have imagined the goodness that would be our Breyer's layered dessert range, but he did have a vision for the quality he wanted for his ice cream and frozen dessert. We have held true to that vision by using sustainable, naturally sourced ingredients. Every speck of vanilla that goes into our products is 100% sustainable and natural. We hope you agree that our new Breyers S'mores is top-notch! Try our other Layered Desserts like Caramel Apple Pie or Brownie Cheesecake or classics like Breyers Natural Vanilla or Chocolate Ice Cream. * The FDA states that no significant difference has been shown between dairy derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST-treated cows.

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