Celentano Ravioli, 4 Cheese, Toasted 16 Oz

Celentano's Toasted 4 Cheese Ravioli was chef crafted with you in mind, featuring a smooth, creamy filling made with a custom blend of Ricotta, Romano, Asiago and Parmesan cheeses wrapped in a thin, tender dough. Our freshly made ravioli is then lightly breaded with well-seasoned breadcrumbs and toasted to perfection. The Toasted 4 Cheese Ravioli can be enjoyed as an appetizer, snack or meal - a fun twist to authentically crafted pasta we have perfected and passed down from generation to generation. Recipe Inspiration. Try Celentano Toasted 4 Cheese Ravioli with Jalapeno Pepper Dip. Ingredients Make the Difference: Our chefs start with real, simple ingredients to craft all our pasta. From the freshest cheese to robust durum wheat, our ingredients are carefully selected to give you the best dining experience possible. Rosina pasta does not use preservatives or artificial colors and is flash frozen to ensure freshness. As a family-owned company, Rosina remains dedicated to delivering authentic, Italian cuisine to your dinner table. From pasta to meatballs and entrees, we promise each bite will bring you real Italian goodness.

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