Katz White Bread

Certified Gluten-Free. Dairy free. Nut free. Full of taste. Mrs. Katz Says: After I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease I felt the loss of my favorite sandwich. For years, i had eaten a pb&j sandwich, since my early school days. Now, my children and I were suddenly unable to eat our desired snack. This was my inspiration for the White Bread, I created a sandwich bread, which while being Gluten Free, allowed my family to once again enjoy sandwiches! Did you know? Have you ever run out of Katz Gluten Free Bread Crumbs or wanted to make a stuffing? Just take some katz gluten free white bread, place it in the oven until it's crispy, crumble it, and you can move right on with your cooking, it's the perfect substitute! (or even better). www.katzglutenfree.com. Product of USA.

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