Ayo Groundnut Stew, Medium 10 oz

Worlds of flavor. Oceans of soul. Zoc's Ghana kitchen. Zoe Adjonyoh's. Authentic West African Flavors. Spice Level: Medium. Groundnut goodness. One of West Africa's ubiquitous dishes with many variations and names, groundnut is a very simple slow-cooked one-pot dish with a piquant, slightly creamy spice and nutty aroma that can literally have your friends drooling around the dinner table. Known in Ghana as nkatenkwan and most frequently eaten with fufu (pounded yam cassava or plantain) or steamed rice balls, you can also serve it with boiled yams, cassava, or even rice. It's just as good plain as a rich winter stew on its own with a sprinkling of gari (ground cassava) and a side of dodo (fried sweet plantain). Ayo means joy. Named one of London's hottest chefs by Time Out, Zoe's Adionyoh has been pioneering modern West African food in the form of Supper Clubs, her own restaurant in Brixton, kitchen residences, and her own successful book, Zoe's Ghana Kitchen since 2010. We are elated for Zoe to join the Ayo West African Foods family and invite you to join us as we celebrate our shared love for the rich culture and flavor of our West African heritage. Enjoy! Perteet & Fred. Co-founders.

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