Carol's Pasture Raised Eggs

Carol Ward. No antibiotics (No antibiotics were used in the product of these eggs). No added hormones (All eggs are produced without added hormones). Big pastures on small farms. All our hens are from small flocks on real family farms. We are 100% Certified Humane (meets the humane farm animal care program standards, which include a nutritious diet without antibiotics, animals raised with shelter, resting areas, sufficient space, and the ability to engage in natural behaviors) pasture raised, which means ample pasture for them to roam, strict guidelines around space inside their barn, access to antibiotic-free feed and water, and much more. Grade A. Learn more about Carol's story: Certified B Corporation. Natural packaging made with 50% grass fibers. Biodegradable packaging. We care about sustainability and use completely natural packaging made with 50% grass fibers. Home compostable and recyclable. Certified Humane. Raised & handled. Please recycle or compost. Thanks! Product of the USA.

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