Carbona Dye-Grabbing Sheet, In-Wash 30 ea

25% more sheets vs 24 ct. Wash mixed colors & whites with confidence! Prevents color runs: So clothes look new longer. Microfiber Technology: Grabs & locks loose dyes. Shields laundry from dye transfer. Your Laundry's Best Friend: You know to separate whites from darks, but different colors and patterns can make sorting - and as a result doing laundry - much trickier. With Carbona Color Grabber with microfiber technology. That's because color grabber shields your laundry from textile-to-textile dye transfer in the wash. This means your laundry colors stay true and bright, and clothes stay looking new longer. This is peace of mind for you, and your laundry. Ordinary wash load = Absorbs dye. Microfiber technology incorporates the absorption of microfiber in a hexagonally structured laundry sheet formulated to grab and lock loose dyes and dirt in the water, so they don't transfer onto the garments causing a color run or discoloration. Simply add a Color Grabber sheet to any load. When the wash cycle is complete you will see that all the color is locked on the sheet - not your clothes. Amazing! Works in standard and high efficiency machines. $1.00 off: Coupon inside.

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