Reese White Peanut Butter Cup

REESE'S white creme peanut butter cups are the classic REESE'S cups you know and love, but coated with delightful white creme instead of milk chocolate. These delectable treats are easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime you need a sweet moment to yourself. They're great for stacking in the pantry or sharing around the office. Everyone near you during snack time will be happy to indulge in a midday sweet whether you're at home or work. Pack a few REESE'S white creme peanut butter cups candies in your lunchbox or save a few in your backpack or purse for later. Savor each decadent bite of creamy peanut butter surrounded by sweet and smooth white creme. This candy is also ideal for leaving out at parties and holiday gatherings. You can even incorporate them into some of your favorite dessert recipes for extra goodness. Break them up and add them to your cookie dough, sprinkle them on top of your brownies or dunk them into your ice cream sundae for a delightful boost of white creme flavor you won't want to miss.

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