Ghirardelli Chocolate, Milk & Hazelnut Crisp 4.56 Oz

Rich chocolate, luscious filling. Moments of timeless pleasure. Reward yourself with the perfect combination of our rich, slow melting milk chocolate and creamy hazelnut filling complemented by delicate crisps. Savor a moment that will carry you through your day. Ghirardelli - Moments of timeless pleasure. The Ghirardelli Difference: Controlling all steps for ultimate quality. Bean Selection: We select only the highest quality cocoa beans. Roasting: We use a unique roasting process for intense chocolate taste. Refining: We refine to achieve the ultimate velvety smoothness. Conching: We conche extensively to bring out unique, sophisticated flavors. Quality guarantee. Visit the Ghirardelli web site at Proudly manufactured in California, USA.

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