Bonny Doon Dry Riesling, Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Dry Riesling, provenant of the 2004 harvest, is a blend of Rieslings from the climes of eastern Washington State and the Middle Mosel. This eclectic blend is the missing link, the liaison dangereuse, that links New World and Old World, Occident and Orient and is the perfect foil for most foodstuffs pan-aisian or pan-fried. The idea of the Pacific Rim appeals (by circular logic) to our idea of and thirst for this connection or closure. We crave the strange and mysterious, knowing well our hearts unshakable allegiance to the familiar, the Heimlich. The heart has its Rieslings - Our heart's deepest longing, whether in the realm of romance or restauration, is for union, completion or fusion. Alc. 12% by Vol.

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