Blue Point Rastafarye Ale, 22 fl. oz. Bottle

Technical Description: 1.070 OG & 48 IBU's. Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%. One Love. The name Rastafari comes from Ras (meaning head) Tafari Moconned, who was crowned Haile Selassie, the Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930. Rastas view him as the incarnation of God, aka Jah, who will lead the righteous to Zion, a perfect world. Key values of the Rastafari movement including: rejecting conformity to the powers that be, recognizing life's journey as finding ones true identity, seeking heaven on earth & celebrating the equality of all people. Blue Point Brewing Company humbly honors the Rastafari and dedicates this beer to them. Our RastafaRye Ale marries a hearty rye malt with a blend of freshly harvested West Coast hops, result in a delicious deep copper ale. With just the right amount of rye flavor to offset the spicy & floral characteristics of the hops, RastafaRye Ale will stay on your palate and your mind evermore. We're donating a portion of the proceeds to improve the lives of orphaned, at-risk, and underprivileged children throughout the Caribbean through the enrichment of mentor, sports & educational programs. Blue Points Brewing Company's Freshness Seal is a symbol of our commitment to freshness & flavor. --Mark & Pete. Micro Brew Craft Brewed Extremely Fresh

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