Le Bleu Water, Ultra Pure

Light & refreshing. Distilled pure. The historical painting Blue Ridge Water Wagon symbolizes how once, finding pure, clean water was easy. When the air was clean, nature did a perfect job of making fresh, pure water. The sun evaporated water from lakes, streams, and oceans, then winds blew it to the mountains where it condensed into rain and snow. Now, we can duplicate this purity nature once so freely gave us. We go 5 steps beyond mother nature before the water ever enters the bottle. We steam distill our water, then perform additional purification through our patent pending purification process. Compare Le Bleus taste and purity with any other bottled water and you make the choice. Youll like what we do to it! Le Bleus state-of-the-art purification process gives Le Bleu the ultimate taste and purity in bottled water. Now Available: Le Bleu 5 gallon bottled water can now be delivered to your home or office. For distributor nearest you call: 800-854-4471. www.lebleu.com. Please recycle. Oxygenated with ozone. BPA free. Non-carbonated. Made in the USA.

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