Peter Vella Merlot, of California 5 l

5 lt is equivalent to 6-1/2 750 ml bottles. Over 40 years. Winemaking expertise committed to quality. My vision for Peter Vella is that every glass you enjoy is a good as the last. I stand behind this superior quality and know that you will be satisfied by the taste and pleased by its exceptional value. 100% grape wine. A note from the winemaker. Welcome to our family! As a third generation winemaker, the California wine country has always been a part of my life. My father and grandfather worked hard to perfect the art of winemaking and I've been proud to carry on their tradition for more than 40 years now. I remain committed to bringing you the very best - that's why only top quality grapes are selected to craft wines that are smooth, approachable, and flavorful. With all the care that goes into creating my wines, I am certain you'll enjoy this Merlot. Cheers! Please visit us at Vinted & packed by Peter Vella Wines Modesto, CA.

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