Vitaminwater Water Beverage, Revive, Fruit Punch

(B vitamins + potassium). Flavored + other natural flavors. Hey!!! How's it goin? Is this too loud for you?? Oh sorry! There. Better? Well, let us be the first to say there's no shame in starting your day well after breakfast - or brunch - or lunch. We've all been there; last night's outfit doubled as last night's pj's, and finding your cell phone, keys and wallet (with credit card inside!) was a huge relief. On days like these we recommend hydrating with this bottle. It's got B vitamins and potassium, some of your body's best friends when it needs them the most. And don't worry, you didn't text you-know-who. Well you didn't text that. (Ok, maybe you did). Excellent source of C and B vitamins. 100% vitamin C. 40% vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12. Potassium. Electrolytes. Per 8 fl oz serving, 2 servings per bottle.

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