vitaminwater energy, tropical citrus Bottle, 32 fl oz

Tropical citrus flavored + other natural flavors. Per 12 fl oz serving, servings per bottle about 2.5. 60 calories per 12 fl oz serving. 60% antioxidant vitamin C. 60% vitamins B5, B6, B12. 30 mg caffeine. Electrolytes. Energy. Have you ever wondered what has the most energy in the universe? Hypernovas occur when a high-mass star implodes, which creates a bright light with more energy than our sun will produce in 10 billion years. Frankly, this seems like too much energy. Let's just stick to this bottle of vitaminwater energy. It's got caffeine. And won't destroy you. Things to do with energy: Finally finish your screenplay. Learn trampoline backflip. Call your granny (or a granny). Post more on secret meme account. Practice driving stick. Drink the vitamins in this bottle. Grow hydroponics. Yell echo into a cave. Actually find true love this time. Smartlabel: Scan here for more food information. Please recycle.

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