Spectracide Weed & Grass Killer

Kills the root! Kills over 155 types of weeds as listed. Rainfast in 15 minutes! Visible results as fast as 3 hours. Ready to use. Use on patios, walkways & flower beds. Works the first time, every time. Fast-acting! Fastest replanting available! Eliminates weeds! Systemic formula. What it does: Kills all types of weeds and grasses down to the root! Where to use: Outdoors: On patios, walkways and driveways; around flowers, shrubs and trees; along fences, foundations, and in large areas. Not recommended for spot weed treatment in established lawns since lawn grasses will also be killed. When to use: For best results, apply during warm, sunny weather (above 60 degrees F). Kills most common weeds and grasses including: Annual Weeds and Grasses: annual ryegrass; annual bluegrass; barnyardgrass; beggarweed; black medic; blue medic; blue mustard, blue toadflax; brassbuttons; bromegrass; bur clover; buttercup; cheeseweed; chickweed; clover; common groundsel; common lambsquarters; common plantain; common ragweed; crabgrass; creeping beggarweed; diffuse lovegrass; dog fennel; evening primrose; fall panicum; false dandelion; fennel; fiddleneck; field pennycress; field sandbur; filaree; Florida pusley; foxtail; garden spurge; goosegrass; green foxtail; hemp sesbania; henbit; horseweed/marestail; iron weed; knotweed; lambsquarters; little bitter cress; London rocket; maiden cane; mallow; mayweed; mouseear chickweed (annual or perennial); oxalis (annual or perennial); Pennsylvania smartweed; pennywort; pigweed; prickly lettuce; prostrate spurge; puncture vine; purslane; redroot pigweed; sandspur; shepherd's purse; smartweed; smooth cat's ear; smooth pigweed; sowthistle; spotted spurge; sprangletop; spurges; tansy mustard; tansy ragwort; teaweed; Texas panicum; tumble mustard; velvetleaf; wild geranium (annual or perennial); wild mustard; witchgrass; yellow nutgrass; yellow oxalis (and many other annual grasses and weeds). Perennial weeds, grasses, brush: alder; artichoke thistle; bahiagrass; barnyardgrass; bentgrass; Bermudagrass; bluegrass; broadleaf plantain; brownseed paspalum; buckhorn plantain; bull thistle; Canada thistle; cattail; ceanothus; centipedegrass; cocklebur; cogongrass; common mullein; common ragweed; coral bead; creeping Charlie; curly dock; dallisgrass; dandelion; dewberry; dog fennel; false dandelion; fescue species; field bindweed; guineagrass; hairy crabgrass; horsenettle; horseradish; iceplant; Johnsongrass; Kentucky bluegrass; kikuyugrass; knapweed; knawel; lantana; maiden cane; milkweed; mouseear chickweed (annual or perennial); nimblewill; nutgrass (nutsedge); oldenlandia; orchardgrass; oxalis (annual or perennial); pampasgrass; pennywort; perennial ryegrass; plantain; purple cudweed (annual or perennial); purple nutsedge; quackgrass; quaking aspen; ragweed; raspberry; red clover; smooth bromegrass; sourdock; sowthistle; St. Augustinegrass; tall fescue; tansy ragwort; Timothy; torpedograss; trumpetcreeper; vaseygrass; Virginia creeper; white clover; whitetop; wild barley; wild blackberry; wild carrot; wild morning-glory; wild oats; yarrow; yellow nutgrass; yellow starthistle; zoysia.

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