Sorbee Sugar-Free Cookies, Crunchy, Peanut Butter

With natural and artificial flavors. Great tasting flavor. Not a low calorie food. Splenda brand sweetener. Leave it to Sorbee International, the pioneer in sugar-free confections, to create the finest tasting totally sugar-free cookies on the market. With over twenty years of experience, Sorbee International has found the secret to making a truly sugar-free cookies with zero grams of sugar that looks scrumptious and tastes utterly delicious. So much so that youll swear that it's not sugar-free, but it is! Perfect for those on a sugar restricted diet. What is sugar alcohol? Does it contains sugar? Does it contain alcohol? Sugar Alcohol is a term for the FDA requires to be used in the nutrition facts panel to list a group of sugar substitutes called polyols which include maltitol and isomalt which are used in our product. These sweeteners do not contain sugar and do not contain alcohol. Exchange Information: 1 serving (1 cookie) equals 1 Starch and 1 Fat.

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