SoLo Gi Low Glycemic Nutrition Bar, Peanut Power

Sustained energy. Feel satisfied longer. For everyone, everyday! Low Glycemic foods are good for everyone. Glycemic Index (Gi) measures how fast a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood sugar - the lower and slower the better. A Gi below 35 is considered very low. SoLo Gi Low Glycemic Bars are clinically validated with a very low Gi from 22 to 28. Shouldn't you be Solo powered too? Dear friends, SoLo Gi Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars are the realization of our vision for improved health and performance through better nutrition. SoLo Gi Bars were developed as a delicious way to avoid the spike, crash and crave cycle and to help you live a healthier, low glycemic lifestyle. SoLo Gi Bars are specifically formulated with a unique combination of slow release carbohydrates, protein, healthy dietary fats and fiber which provide sustained energy and hunger satisfaction. I guarantee you will love SoLo Gi Bars for their superior taste and how they make you feel. -Saul Katz, Founder and President. For Everyone, Every Day! Powered by low glycemic energy and packed with a great balance of nutrients, SoLo Gi Snack Bars are an excellent choice on-the-go or when you have to skip-a-meal. Avoid the spike, crash and crave cycle; Slow release carbs for sustained energy; Feel satisfied longer; Supports overall health and well being; Excellent source of protein and calcium; Good source of fiber; 24 Vitamins & minerals; No trans fat or sugar alcohols. The Glycemic Index (Gi) is a scientific measure of the impact a carbohydrate-containing food has on blood sugar. The Gi value determines how fast the food raises blood sugar; the lower and slower the better. Each SoLo Gi bar has a Gi below 35, which is considered very low. Exchanges: 1.5 Starches and 1 high fat protein. Spike Your Taste Buds, Not Your Blood Sugar! In concert with a healthy diet and exercise program, SoLo Gi Snack Bars enable you to take a positive step towards improved health and well being. Peanut Power Bars help you make healthy choices every day, for life! Shouldn't you be SoLo powered too? Made in the USA.

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