Regal Springs Tilapia, Premium Loins 400 g

Portion size 1 loin (3-4 oz, 85g). High protein. Naturally better. Uncooked. No antibiotics ever. Responsibly raised in deep-water lakes. The Regal Springs Naturally Better Tilapia Story: Regal Springs started to pioneer responsible tilapia aquaculture production when the original founder of the business was a UN aid worker. He had a vision of developing responsible fish farming operations that would benefit local impoverished lake communities through better jobs and living standards. He also wanted to improve community awareness of the importance of environmental management by helping them develop their local infrastructure and protect the lakes from deforestation. Celebrating over 30 years of perfecting Premium Tilapia, Regal Springs continues to take great pride in responsibly raising our Naturally Better Tilapia while supporting communities and the environment. The large deep-water lakes where our fish are grown produce a fish with superior flavor and texture. Local investments in education, healthcare and clean water systems ensure our communities are healthy - just like out Naturally Better Tilapia. Farm raised. Best Aquaculture Practices: Processor. Farm. Hatchery. Feed. HACCP: Regal Springs Seafood. Choose with confidence. See how we support our communities and the environment at Product of Mexico.

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