Schweppes 1783 Bitter Lemon Tonic Water, 6.32 Fl Oz Glass Bottles, 4 Pack

1783 by Schweppes is our newest addition to the Schweppes family of mixers. These bottles were born to capture an overwhelming amount of carbonation so that every taste brings with it exhilarating refreshment. Whether you’re cracking the seal on a club soda to pair with a cocktail or sip straight, you’re bound to be delighted by this sparkling experience. Each flavor in the 1783 suite of mixers brings a sophisticated and unique spin to complement any cocktail. The Original Ginger Beer is a unique blend of spices that excite your senses with both sweet and heat, while the Sicilian Lemon bursts forth with sweet notes of citrus. Artfully designed, these thoughtfully crafted bottles will give your fridge or bar cart that perfectly curated aesthetic. Whether you’re looking to craft the perfect cocktail or simply relax with an effervescent afternoon refreshment, the distinctive flavors of 1783 by Schweppes deliver on the moment. Over 21 please drink responsibly.

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