Saranac Ale & Beer, Variety Pack

India Pale Ale; Black Forest; Brown Ale. India Pale Ale: American IPA. A hop lover's delight! In the India Pale Ale tradition, this brew is very hoppy in both aroma and flavor from the generous amounts of Cascade hops used in brewing. Look for a medium to full body and golden straw color. Enjoy! Black Forest: Deep in the heart of the Adirondacks, there is a place where even light is scared to enter, The Black Forest! It inspired us to brew this delicious Bavarian Black Beer with a caramel sweetness, medium body and our trademark rich creamy head. Look for the delicate brownish-red color. Don't be afraid of the dark! Brown Ale: The spirit of the Adirondacks. The authentic brown ales is brewed with all-American malt, pacific northwest hops, and traditional ale yeast. It's smooth malty character is complicated with a touch of chocolate malt and hoppy aroma. Look for a sweet, malty, chocolaty taste with a balanced hop bitterness resulting in a full flavored but smooth drinkable beer. At our family-owned brewery (New York State's oldest, in fact), we have a long tradition of taking pride in what we make. That's how we've quietly earned our reputation as one of the country's most respected brewers of specialty beers. Today, we still brew our beers to the same exacting standards established by our grandfather and great-grandmother more than a century ago. This is the proud tradition that inspired the Saranac family of beers. In each bottle of Saranac you can taste our commitment to quality and patient attention to detail that have been the signature of our brewery for four generations. We hope you enjoy Saranac, a beer crafted from the spirit of Clear Lakes, open skies, and breathtaking mountain vistas. And if you're ever in our neck of the woods, be sure to drop by - and help us celebrate our third century of brewing excellence.

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