Salda Chia Whole Seed

Smarter than your average Chia. Gluten free. 3,425 mg of Omega-3 (ALA) per serving. High in fiber. Good source of calcium, magnesium and copper. Non GMO Project: Verified. For more info & recipes visit: Use Salba to boost smoothies, cereal, yogurt & baked goods! Smarter than your average chia. Hey smarty pants! You're holding grains that respect your brain and your body. Why? Because Salba Chia is not your average chia seed - it's at the head of the class. University studies find Salba Chia seeds do heavy-lifting nutritionally, providing a daily Omega-3 (ALA) and fiber boost, and they earn extra credit for minerals. And, all Salba Chia is Non-GMO Project Verified. Ready to be a smarty pants for your body and your brain? Eat Salba Chia daily and get A+ for your health. Raw. Vegan. Natural products.

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