Rid Lice Treatment Complete Kit 1 Ea

Other Information: (Lice Killing Shampoo): Keep carton for important product information. See consumer information insert for additional information. Avoid excessive heat. (Lice & Egg Comb-Out Spray): It is important to wash in hot water (130 degrees F) all clothing, bedding, towels, and hair products (combs, brushes) used by infested persons in the two days prior to treatment. Dry clean non-washable fabrics. Rid Lice & Egg Comb-Out Spray does not kill lice or their eggs. Use this product only after treating with Rid Lice Killing Shampoo. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep from freezing. Misc: Shampoo: 4 fl oz (118 ml). Comb-Out Spray: 2 fl oz (59 ml). Rid Home Lice, Bedbug & Dust Mite Spray: 3 oz (85.1 g). 1 patented Rid Lice Comb. America's No. 1 lice brand. Easy-to-follow 3-step process - instructions inside. 1. Treat. 2. Remove. 3. Control. 24/7 support. Call an expert. 1-800-Rid-Lice. How-to videos. Questions or comments? 1-800-Rid-Lice (1-800-743-5423) (Mon-Fri 9 am - 8 pm EST). (Lice & Egg Comb-Out Spray): Questions? 1-800-Rid-Lice (1-800-743-5423) (Mon-Fri 9 am - 8 pm EST). Rid provides everything you need to treat lice in your family and in your home. Step 1 Treat: Apply Rid Lice Killing Shampoo according to label directions. Repeat this step 7 to 10 days later to kill any newly hatched lice. Step 2 Remove: After Step 1, apply a small amount of Rid Lice & Egg Comb-Out Spray and use a wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles. Comb out the eggs and nits in the hair with Rid Lice comb (included), using additional spray to remove tangles if needed. Step 3 Control: Use Rid Home Lice, Bedbug & Dust Mite Spray to kill lice and their eggs on mattresses, furniture, car interiors, and other non-washable items. Comb is made in China. Detangling Spray is made in Canada. Shampoo is Made in the USA of US & imported materials.

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