Rickland Orchards Granola Bar, Greek Yogurt Coated, Strawberry

Honey roasted granola. Strained Greek yogurt coating imported from Europe. Excellent source of fiber (5 g). Good source of protein (7 g). Contains 4 g of total fat per serving. See nutrition information for fat content. www.ricklandorchards.com. Facebook.com/ricklandorchards. Twitter - greekonthego. It all started with a simple discovery: people all over the world are mixing Greek yogurt with granola and fruit to create a delicious, healthy combination with the added benefit of protein. So we took strained Greek yogurt - blended it with granola and fruit - and, transformed it into a convenient, great-tasting bar. Another uniquely inspired idea from Rickland Orchards! Produced in Canada with domestic and European ingredients.

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