Field Roast Chao Shreds, Creamy Original 7 Oz

Sprinkle joy over your taste buds with Field Roast™ Chao Creamery™ Creamy Original Vegan Shreds. Good for melting in a hot hearty sandwich or topping off a leafy green salad, these non-dairy cheese shreds owe their creamy texture to fermented tofu, making them a healthy complement to your indulgence. Plant-based and crafted using time-honored charcuterie methods, every pack of vegan shredded cheese holds enough bold, mouthwatering goodness to please newcomers and connoisseurs of vegan cheese alike. Believing that tradition and detail matter, since 1997, Field Roast™ brand sources only the finest quality, all-natural, whole-food ingredients for flavorful, high-quality products that satisfy with every bite.

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