Sambazon Juice Blend, Organic, Acai, Strawberry Samba

Antioxidant superfood with strawberry + banana. Premium Sambazon quality. Powerful antioxidants & healthy omegas. 120+ acai berries per bottle. Superhealthy. Supertasty. Superfood. Strawberry Samba is an organic blend of acai, strawberries and bananas - for a healthy, satisfying juice. Pronounced ah-sigh-ee, this potent little purple berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest and is an incredible source of antioxidants (more than pomegranates and blueberries), healthy omegas, fiber and protein - making it one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Get with the purple berry. We had our first taste of acai on a surf trip to Brasil in 1999 and were instantly hooked on its rich berry-cocoa flavor and powerful nutrition. When we also learned that sustainable harvesting of acai berries helps protect the rainforest, we made it our mission to share this amazing fruit with the world. Today, our certified organic & fair trade forest projects help protect the Amazon Rainforest & benefit thousands of local families. Flash pasteurized. 100% vegan. No GMO's. USDA organic. Contains 95% juice. Certified organic by QAI. Made in USA.

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