Wood crackling sound. 100% Natural wax. Natural energy; all renewable. Non-toxic & non-petroleum. No ozone depletion. No chemical odor. Less air emissions: 87% less carbon monoxide than wood. Reduce smog (air pollution): 83% less particulate matter than wood. Spent coffee grounds. Burns up to 3 hours. The duration of the fire and flame will vary due to the type, size and condition of your fireplace and the weather. It takes 365 cups of recycled coffee to make 1 Java-Log. Eco-friendly Java-Logs produce 96% less residue. 87% less carbon monoxide, 86% less creosote deposits, 83% less particulate matter. Save our planet. By choosing Java-Log you are helping to keep our planet healthy for future generations. When used according to the manufacturer's instructions, this product is accepted by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Tested & listed by Omni Test Laboratories Inc., Beaverton, Oregon. Tested to UL 2115 and ULC/ORD C127-W-01-2 for US and Canada ULC. UL classified processed solid fuel for use in factory-built fireplaces. Made in Canada.

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