Pennington Thistle Sock

Premium finch food. Backyard bird's delight. Instant feeder. Easy to use. Refillable. The pre-filled Pennington Backyard Birds' Delight Thistle Sock makes it easy to attract finches to your yard. Made of a mesh material that finches love to perch on, they will favor the Pennington Thistle Sock over a tube feeder. Simply hang up the refillable feeder, and enjoy the color, song and beauty of finches in your yard! Attracts: goldfinches, purple finches, house finches, redpolls, pine siskins, indigo buntings. The pleasure of year round feeding. Turn your backyard into a natural habitat for your colorful outdoor pets, by feeding them year round. While winter creates a demand for a high energy diet, spring and early summer finds nature's food in short supply. A plentiful supply of Pennington's vitamin enriched Wild Bird Food will attract newly hatched birds as well as many other varieties of migrating birds not seen during the winter months. For bird feeding purposes, not for planting.

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