Love Your Health Soy Nuts, Honey Toasted

5 g protein. 120 calories. 32 mg sodium. The protein that goes crunch! 100% USA non GMO soybeans. Certified gluten-free. Stay fresh resealable pouch. For wherever life takes you! Love Your Health soynuts are dry toasted in the old fashioned tradition of hearth roasting over an open flame bringing back the rich, natural flavor and basic goodness that makes snacking a fun, healthy experience again. Love Your Health is committed to freshness, superior quality, taste excellence and the well being of all. Love Your Health brand Honey Toasted Soynuts are the ultimate super food! Crunchy and nutritious, they're a great tasting, sweet energy snack! People everywhere are discovering what health enthusiasts have known for years - foods rich in soy protein can have considerable value to heart health. Based on extensive clinical research, scientists worldwide agreed endorsing unprecedented health claims for many soy foods. Love Your Health brand Honey Toasted Soynuts are gently glazed with a sweet touch of honey and provide 5 grams of soy protein per serving. The great news is our Honey Toasted Soynuts taste so good, you'll forget you're eating them for the health benefits and buy them because you love the crunch and the sweet flavor. Not only are Love Your Health brand Honey Toasted Soynuts a perfect snack, they're fantastic on salads, in yogurt, cereal or on your favorite ice cream. Use your imagination. No more excuses. Leading a healthier lifestyle couldn't be easier thanks to great tasting Love Your Health brand Honey Toasted Soynuts. Make Love Your Health brand Honey Toasted Soynuts a part of your healthy lifestyle every day! Don't forget to try our other Love Your Health brand soy snacks for delicious, guilt-free gluten-free snacking1 Happy crunching! Facebook. For consumer inquiries please call 888-715-4321. The goodness of soy protein. Product of the USA.

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