Marzetti® Whole Grain Croutons 5 oz. Bag

Since 1896. Add some wow to your salad! Bursting with baked in flavor. No high fructose corn syrup. Without artificial flavors or colors. 100% whole wheat. 0g trans fat (see nutrition facts for sodium & fat content). Make your next salad one to remember. Complete it with the toasted perfection of Marzetti Baked Croutons. After all, you aren't choosing just any crouton. Marzetti Baked Croutons start as warm, fresh-baked loaves of bread, which are generously seasoned and sliced into pieces so no two are the same. Our artisan bakers return them to the oven to seal in their unforgettable homemade taste. The result? Croutons bursting with baked-in flavor. With Marzetti Baked Croutons, every salad becomes a delicious creation that makes you feel great! Add some wow to your salad today with Marzetti Baked Croutons. Also experience the bursting flavor of Marzetti Tortilla Strips and Salad Accents. Visit us at:

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