B & W Baby Arugula

B&W™. Tasty. Powerful. Suprleaves. 100% grown & packed in the USA. Baby arugula. SuperLeaves®. Healthy and flavorful. Thoroughly washed. All natural. No preservatives. 113g (4 oz). B& W™. Tasty. Powerful. Super leaves. On B&W's farms we have specialized in delicate, uniquely flavored baby leaf specialties for over 140 years. Our experience is the difference. Enjoy! Superior quality & taste since 1870. ©2015 B&W Quality Growers, LLC. Flavorful baby arugula is a wonderful way to dress up a salad, sandwich, pasta, pizza, and more. Baby arugula. What makes baby arugula so super Baby arugula is really good for you-It's packed with vitamins A & K and is a good source of antioxidant Vitamin C. Combine that with the memorable European flavor and unrivaled quality of B&W's wild roquette variety and you've got a true baby leaf superstar. For recipes and more information, please visit: www.bwqualitygrowers.com.

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