Cut Clean Greens Greens, Country

The original farm fresh. Cooking greens. Get your vitamins & minerals in nature's original package! A, B, C & K, calcium, iron, folate, fiber. A flavorful blend of your favorite southern greens. Collard/mustard/turnip. Cut 'n Clean Greens are hand-picked in our fields and hand-processed in our plant every day with unmatched personal attention designed to bring you the very best, freshest greens that Mother Nature can provide! The living flavor and freshness of greens. Country Greens: A Southern traditional blend of collards, mustard and turnip greens. Many families cook several greens varieties together, and Cut 'n Clean Greens has simply made it easy to do with this mix. Nourishing the body whole - Greens: the Super Food. Cooking greens are a powerhouse loaded with vitamins and minerals. Named by Dr. Steven Pratt as one of his Top-14 Superfoods. Pratt, the author of Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods that will Change your Life, is a world-renowned authority on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention of disease and optimizing health. Fat-free, cholesterol-free. Low in sodium, calories and carbohydrates. High in vitamins A, B, C, K. High in calcium, iron, folate, potassium and fiber. Important in the fight against cancer, macular degeneration, heart disease and more. Includes all the nutrients from power-packed collard, mustard and turnip greens.

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