Bolthouse Farms Juice Blend, Hawaiian Holiday 32 Oz

Passion orange guava. Blend of 5 Juices from concentrate. 100% vitamins A, C, E per serving. 8 servings fruit per bottle. Since 1915. Blend of passion fruit, guava, orange, grape and apple juices/purees from concentrate. 100% juice/puree. Feel good about what's in this bottle. 1 passion fruit. 5 oranges. 3-3/4 guavas. Five fruit and vegetable servings are recommended every day for good health. 8 fruit servings per bottle. An Island Classic: Let the first sip of this classic Hawaiian combo transport you to an island paradise. Originally created by Maui locals, our premium blend delivers a full bounty of nourishing tropical fruit for a refreshing escape that rejuvenates both your mind and body. Bolthouse Farms is a 4th generation farm located in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. For more than 90 years we have been growing and harvesting premium, fresh produce. Our juices, crafted from the finest fruits, vegetables and other 100% natural ingredients, are a nutritious and delicious expression of our continued commitment to responsible farming and natural health. Gluten free. No preservatives. No artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No genetically modified ingredients. Flash pasteurized and cold-filled for quality.

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