Naked® Berry Almond Nutmilk Juice Smoothie 15.2 fl. oz. Bottle.

Nutmilk. Berry flavored juice blend and almondmilk smoothie. Berry almond with other natural flavors. New! 11 g plant protein (per bottle). No sugar added. 330 calories per bottle. Please recycle. The Goodness Inside (per Bottle): 26 blueberries; 24 almonds; 8 blackberries; 1-3/4 apples; 2 raspberries; 1/3 banana (sustainably grown & harvested); 1 strawberry. Rainforest Alliance certified bananas. The almighty almond is here to kick you into gear. With 11 g of plant protein in every bottle and blended with a bevy of delicious berries, each sip will have you saying, oh, thank almond. The Naked truth. Nutrition is delicious by nature. And we include only the best of it. No preservatives. Gluten free. Vegan. Dairy free. Love this reNewabottle. It's a bottle made from other bottles. 100% recycled and recyclable. 65% juice. Separation is natural. Gently pasteurized. Questions or comments call (877) 858-4237. All sugars come from the fruit and/or vegetables. Not a low calorie food.

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