GT's Synergy Pure Love Raw Kombucha 16 fl oz

Lead with love: I started making Kombucha with the belief that it could change people's lives and the world-for the better. It gave me purpose, built my confidence, and helped me learn to love myself. Caring for each and every small batch, I discovered the importance of love in all things, Big & small. From my heart to you hands, I offer this gift of Pure Love. GT Dave, Founder. The heart is the center of the universe, pulsing with a powerful rhythm that keeps our souls in sync. When self-love and self-care take center stage, we allow the essence of love to exist in its truest form. Pure love has no limits, conditions, or expectations. It should be given freely, felt deeply, and radiate from within. More than just romantic, it's a beautiful bond that's shared between family & friends. Living food for the living body. Please recycle.

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