Buchi Sovereign Kombucha

Naturally fermented. Probiotics. Active cultures. Ginger + peach + molasses. USDA Organic. Cultures. Our Kombucha is a raw & living probiotic tea crafted with an heirloom culture. We craft kombucha to cultivate a culture both the billions of beneficial bacteria in our bottles as well as thriving human culture that celebrates a thirst for life. Collaborating with Numi Organic Tea. Rich in probiotics including: Lactobacillus coryniformis; Sporidiobolus Johnsonii. Learn more at www.drinkbuchi.com. Non alcoholic. Below 0.5%. Please recycle. Sovereign is a fresh and bold flavor that engages dialogue around food sovereignty. Proceeds from this purchase protect local food systems from the encroachment of industrial agriculture. Cultures. Heirloom cultures not created or modified in a lab. Tea blend. Yaupon holly indigenous to Southeast USA Numi black tea. Herbals. Sorghum Molasses ginger root. Values. Triple bottom line community centered. Certified Organic by CCOF.

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