Bluewater Farms Lemonade, Cranberry, Cold Pressed, Super Fruit 16 fl oz

Crancrafted. A touch of sweetness. Rich with antioxidants. Everyone's talkin about antioxidants. I say, go proanthocyanidins, or PACs, for short. Nature packed our fresh cranberries with these mega nutrients that beat out vitamin C and E by a farmslide. We cold press the freshest fruit to keep the healthiness in our crancrafted recipes. It's a bang up, bog-to-bottle job we do just for you. Cause we're super like that. You're welcome. Not From concentrate. Bottled for or under the authority of Graystone Limited LLC. Seriously superfruit. Juice is an understatement. Juice on the outside. The work of generations of cranberry farmers inside. Our tradition is simple. We team up with mother nature to grow and harvest the best cranberries for our products. Then we cold press 'em in small batches to make the highest quality juice drinks on the planet. All that. In here. No kidding.

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