Alo Aloe + Olive Leaf Tea, Elated

All natural. No preservatives. No artificial coloring. No artificial flavors. We're committed to bringing you deliciously refreshing drinks to support your healthy lifestyle. Our drinks are all natural with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, and no artificial flavors. Ever. They say that in Greek mythology the goddess Athena introduced the olive leaf as a symbol of peach and a source of food, fuel, and medicine. Well, we're sure Athena would get a kick out of our latest brew. Take a refreshing blend of anti-oxidant rich olive leaf tea and green tea. Add real aloe vera and a hint of lemon and you get Alo Elated - it's like green tea with a kick. Peace out. 25% aloe vera juice & pulp content. 15% juice. All natural. Now with refreshing green tea. Gluten free. Product of Taiwan.

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